Anil Mechatronix Pvt. Ltd. based in Rajkot, is engaged in manufacturing Automatic Special Machine Tools by appling PLC and CNC technology to precision machine tools. The Company is allied with manufacturer of renowned ANIL brand lathe machines. With having the wide experience of design and development of precision special purpose machine tools to suits customerís special requirements, company started also applying Automations since last 10 years.

Starting with application of simple PLC to automate simple outside turning and boring operations, now company expanded its knowledge and experience to incorporate complex PLCs with hydraulic, pneumatic and servo systems to do complex machining operations. Company simultaneously took challenge to develop special Purpose Machines. Today the company focuses mainly on Special Purpose Machines to perform machining operations like Turning, Boring, Drilling, Milling, Grinding etc.

During the period Group's vast history of more than 55 years, the company got an extensive experience of various Special Purpose Machines, which are described herewith.

  • Turning Machines :
  • OD Turning SPM
  • ID Turning SPM
  • Facing SPM
  • Multiple Operation SPM
  • Coy-Turning SPM
  • Boring Machines :
  • Double Head Boring SPM
  • Multi-spindle Boring SPM
  • Line Boring SPM
  • Vertical Boring SPM
  • Other Machines :
  • Diamond Scaif multiple Operation Reconditioning SPM
  • Rack Miling SPM
  • Multi-station Inclined Drilling SPM
  • Facing & Drilling SPM
  • CNC Machines :
  • Verious Horizontal CNC Turing Machines
  • Vertical CNC Turing Machines
  • CNC Turn-Mill Center
  • CNC Milling Machine